Be prepared – organize your documents

Organize your important documents

Personal documents

Your passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and your children’s birth certificates. If you or your family members have a medical or mental health condition, also keep those documents available.

Immigration documents

Any immigration-related documents, your “A number” if you have one (an identification number that begins with “A” and that immigration gives you if you ever have a case), and the name and contact information of any previous immigration attorney.

Criminal court documents

If you have ever been arrested, make sure you get a copy of the certificate of disposition for that arrest along with the name and contact information of your criminal attorney.

You can keep these documents in a locked box at home. It is important that neither you nor your family members give ICE your passport.

Keep a list of important phone numbers

  • Carry a small card in your wallet with a list of important phone numbers of family members, previous lawyers, doctors, etc. Also include the contact information of someone who can be directly in touch with your future immigration lawyer.
  • If an immigration or criminal attorney has ever represented you, keep a list of their name and contact information.
  • Have the name and number of your organizer, if you have one, and make sure your family member calls them. We want to support your family during this time!
  • You can also call the Immigrant Defense Project’s Hotline to let them know about this raid! (212) 725-6422