Be prepared – what to do during a raid

Make an action plan with the people you live with about what to do if ICE shows up at your home and detains you.

  1. Do not lie to ICE, but remember that you do have the right to stay silent!
  2. Agree that someone who is not being targeted will be ready with pen and paper to write down exactly what happens, in the order it happens.
  3. Have that person write down the time of day, how many ICE officers came to the home, whether they identified themselves, what they said, how they entered, whether they had a warrant, and what information was on that warrant.
  4. Have that person report the raid to the Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) at 212-725-6422.

Although you may not be able to prevent yourself or your loved one from being arrested by ICE, these action steps will ensure that your attorney has the necessary information to defend you, and will also help inform your community about what ICE is doing – and how we can stop it!