Know your rights with ICE

Who is at risk of being arrested by ICE?

The law allows the federal government to deport certain immigrants, including:

  • Anyone without lawful immigration status
  • People with status (e.g., lawful permanent residents, refugees, and visa holders) who have certain criminal convictions

The people the Trump Administration announced ICE will initially focus on deporting include:

  • People with pending criminal cases and/or prior criminal convictions;
  • People with final orders of removal;
  • People who have committed fraud or misrepresentation in applications to the government;
  • People they believe pose a threat to public safety or national security.

People with legal status and prior convictions be aware: You may be a target even if:

  • Your conviction is from years ago;
  • You didn’t serve time in jail;
  • Your case was minor or a misdemeanor;
  • You’ve been an LPR for a long time; and/or
  • All the other members of your family are US citizens.

Are ICE agents approaching anyone they think they can deport?

ICE agents usually identify the person they want to arrest ahead of time. Then, they go to homes, courthouses, shelters and even workplaces to look for that person. Sometimes they wait on the street to make the arrest.

If I know I’m at risk, what can I do?

  • Make a plan with your loved ones in case you are picked up by ICE.
  • Avoid contact with Immigration – don’t apply to change your immigration status or to renew your green card and don’t travel outside of the United States without talking to a lawyer first.
  • Avoid contact with the Criminal Justice System – the police share your fingerprints with Immigration.



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Knowing which rights you have and exercising them is complicated. For more information on ICE community arrests, please see IDP’s longer booklet or contact

Immigrant Defense Project has been monitoring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests in the community.

If you want to report a raid within NYC, call IDP at 1-212-725-6422.

If you want to report a raid outside of NYC, contact United We Dream at 1-844-363-1423.

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