Visiting a loved one in detention

Community members arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in New York City and Long Island will most likely be detained at one of the detention centers listed below in New Jersey and New York. For family and friends who want to visit, it is important to know the different rules and requirements for visitation at each detention center. This way, they can be sure they will be able to visit their loved one.

General information

  • Jails and detention centers are often to difficult access by public transportation. It is important to plan ahead and find out how to best travel there. If driving, each facility listed has free parking at the facility and you can ask when you arrive where to park.
  • Cell phones or electronic devices are not permitted. No knives or tools. You cannot bring any items into your visit, including money.
  • There is a dress code: No tights or shorts more than 4 inches above the knee, no sleeveless shirts, no bare shoulders, no low neckline, and no flip flops.
  • Visitors are subject to search, scanned through a metal detector.
  • People who are undocumented often visit their loved ones in detention centers without any issues. Technically, the immigration status of visitors should not be flagged. That said, it is important to review each facility’s requirements for identification and whether background checks are required. You should be careful about disclosing any information that is not required. In general, Orange County Jail, Essex County Correctional Facility, Bergen County Jail, and Hudson County Correctional Facility (all government operated) are safer to visit than the Elizabeth Detention Center (a private facility). If you are worried that an issue with your own case puts you at risk by going to visit, you should consult an attorney.

Learn the requirements from each detention center.

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