Sending messages and money

Sending Mail

To send mail, use the addresses listed above. Make sure that the letter includes the detained person’s name and the last four digits of their A number. The letter must also include your name and address. Packages can only contain items needed for release or travel. Contents of letters and packages are subject to screening for contraband. To request permission to send a package call:

Orange County Jail, Hudson County Correctional Facility & Bergen County Jail : 212-863-3401 (ICE Field Office)

Elizabeth Detention Center: 908-659-3104

Essex County Correctional Facility: 212-863-3401 (Ask for Anthony Perillo)

Sending an urgent message

Call the number listed for the facility below and leave the detained person’s full name, A number, and your name and telephone number where you can be reached:

Orange County Jail: 212-863-3401

Essex County Correctional Facility: 973-274-7818

Bergen County Jail: 201-527-3000

Elizabeth Detention Center: 908-282-5700

Hudson County Correctional Facility: 212-863-3401

Sending money

Detainees are allowed to purchase stamps, food, and other items at their own expense through a commissary account. You can give money to a loved one by having a USPS money order made out to them with their jail number. It can be mailed to the jail or deposited at reception. Funds go to the detainee’s commissary account. To deposit money in a detained person’s phone account, call 1-866-348-6231 or go online at You’ll need your loved one’s A number.